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But do bloggers like being blogged about?

I just stumbled across Mrs Mogul, a fabulous blog (well, I didn’t so much stumble as bump straight into it via my comments’ section) which sparked off some pretty interesting thoughts in my sleep-deprived head about whether people like being blogged about or not. Specifically other bloggers.

It had never really occurred to me that people WOULDN’T want to be blogged about, unless of course, you were reporting something majorly personal. But then, as I found out this week, sometimes people don’t like what you write. Even if you may have a very valid point to make. (Ehem, did I just type that? I’m sorry, for a moment there I thought I was talking to my hubby.)

Yeah, so I guess some people don’t like being ‘blogged’. But then others do and indeed, often even see doing so as a nice gesture. I’ve been really getting more into the blog thing lately (if, by ‘getting more into’, you mean ‘solidifying a serious addiction’) and in doing so have witnessed many generous and awesome linkages to other bits of worthy ‘net-splatter’, as my mate Gempires calls it.

I LOVE this. I just think it is so cool that as writers online, we are not restricted to simply popping up the text and that’s it, but purely through that incomprehensible-to-my-mind thing called technology, we can immediately open up doors for each other to entire other worlds of writing, and beyond. Pictures. Videos. Random pop-up boxes advertising you stuff you’ve never even heard of, let alone need. All this stuff would simply blow the mind right off my grandmother’s head. (You think I’m exaggerating? There’s a reason she’s terrified of computers, you know.)

But most of all, I love that there are people in the blogosphere who can and do extend a hand to help encourage and support each others’ blogs. Even those bloggers who already have a huge following and their blog takes up enough of their own thought-life there’s barely room to remember to shave, still…some of them are willing to share the love around.

As someone who’s only been blogging hard-core for a few months (and am already on the waiting list to have my eye surgically removed from my navel), I find that notion not only cool, but something to aspire to.

Rock on, people! It’s not quite the Age of Aquarius (and I KNOW I’m not getting nude, I don’t care how many nice posts you write) but seriously…”Can You Feel the Love Tonight??!!!

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