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BrizImprovFest is coming!!!

Check it out.

No seriously: I’m so super excited about this, cos we’ve got the cream of the Aussie improv crop including:

The Crew from Melbourne (as well as some dudes from Impro Melbourne); Twisted Melon from Sydney; Rebecca de Unamuno (of Comedy Inc, The Glass House, Kath and Kim and other fame – seriously one of the most amazing improvisers in Australia); WIT all the way from Wellington New Zealand; Local awesomeness from ImproMafia, Edge Improv and Improactive; The special revised version of my solo show Jenny Wynter is: SELF INDULGENT …plus workshops, partying and other special guests from as far away as the USA and Canada.

To check out the details:

To book your tix (which by the way, you should DEFINITELY do for this one, as the Studio at Metro Arts only seats 100 people):

At the risk of quoting 90’s Brit-pop bands: “WOHOO!”


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