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Banff Centre Residency – the final leg

So in a nutshell, we are LOVING our new pad. Heavens above, I am so insanely nesting right now I might well start laying eggs. Oh snap. I’m even – please, take a seat if you’re that way inclined – ingesting ridiculous numbers of home-making magazines, PHOTOCOPYING the activities and then ACTUALLY DOING THEM. I know. Pass the hockey mask and lock me up for life.

But on the plus side of all this ridiculousness, our place is looking pretty damn hot methinks, in fact I’ve never felt so happy in a home before. So yay for that. Now all I need is some baby gear, but ha, that can wait til I’ve finished my mosaic mirror frame!

In other, more comedy related news, I’ve got the final jaunt of the Banff Centre Residency coming up straight after Christmas – we ended up changing the dates for various reasons that are way too boring and logistical and un-glitzy to go into here, but that’s the way things are. So expect lots of ‘this is me procrastinating from actually working on my art!’ posts during that week. Unless of course, over hte Christmas season you have, you know, one of those things, what are they called? Oh yeah, ‘lives’.

Then New Years’ Eve I’ve been booked with Yuk Yuk’s to do a gig in Red Deer. I’m not even sure where it is but it sounds cold. As it has been here. Today started off at minus thirty. Minus thirty. Yep, see? I’m not even going to comment on that as I believe I don’t need to. Minus thirty.

Oh yeah, and check out the belly on me. That thing you see before you still has nine solid weeks of baking time, mind. Again, no further comment.

The Bump

I’m going to wrap this post up with my pearl of wisdom for the day:

Damn I love hot chocolate.

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