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Au Revoir Las Vegas

A fitting title, I thought, given that I had my last dinner in Paris last night. Las Vegas style Paris, but Paris nonetheless.

So as I sit here at the airport awaiting my flight back to New York, I ponder the highlights of the past day:

  1. watching not only the Second City’s mainstage sketch revue, but also their Monday night improvised show, which had a really cool and free-flowing format, including a very audience interactive section at the end where they spent the last 20 minutes inviting anyone and everyone to come play on the stage;

  1. meeting and hanging out with some of the Second City LV cast members (see picture above), several of whom were extremely spun out and stoked to hear that a grant even EXISTED that would allow someone to carry out a trip like this (at the risk of sacrificing subtlety, thank you Brisbane City Council!);

  2. picking said people’s brains on all things improv;

  3. performing our improvised musical show in Vegas! We had just short of a packed house and it absolutely WENT OFF!!!!! My personal favourite was getting the Aussie angle in there in my solo number: “Won’t You Be My Koala?” Best still, I got it on video camera so when I get a chance I’ll put some footage online.

Above: partners in improvised musical crime. Sheri, Moi, Shannon and Kim.

I am on such an incredible high, but unfortunately have only had 2 hours sleep – I seriously need to catch up on some winks during this flight or else face the risk of spontaneous combustion. Then again, it seems you need to employ flames, fireworks or other pyrotechnics to get a look-in in this town. So any implosions could be great for my career.

Burn, baby burn!

I’m sorry. I am deleriously tired and really not in any state to be blogging. Say it all with me, won’t you?

Jenny…put the keyboard away…

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