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And now it’s time for our first broken bone!!!

Okay, okay, I’m being a little melodramatic. Who, YOU? I hear you say.


Anyway, as you well know, Canada has brought a lot of firsts into our lives – including now, our first fractured piece of bonery. (Awwww, but ‘broken’ just sounds that much more impactful, kinda like ‘fractured’ but in bold. Okay, here, let me start again…)

…including now, our first fractured piece of bonery.

Ah, much better.

For those of you who haven’t tried it, here’s how it works.

Take one five-year-old girl, mix with one three-year-old boy. Be sure to get them all hyped up to ensure ultimate impact. Then encourage them to play hide and seek, putting major emphasis on being careful not to slam doors – this will guarantee that they will slam doors, thus maximising your chances of a hospital visit.

Finally, if you do happen to be a foreigner in the country in which your child’s finger gets a royal slam in the door-hinge, medical insurance would be highly advised. Think I’m kidding? Check out the pic: think you’re looking at a splinted finger? WRONG. What you’re looking at is the most expensive appendage ever sprouted by a human.

So there you have it! Easy, right?

Ah me. Proof again that the Comic Mummy blog is changing the world, one entry at a time. You sure as hell won’t find this stuff on the Lifestyle channel.

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