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And now for some better news…

I can’t really say too much at the moment, lest things don’t work out – as I’ve come to realise over the years, in the creative industries it seems you can get your hopes up about a billion things a year which end up falling through for no good reason other than ‘that’s life’ – but suffice to say for now that some exciting things are shaping up.

*doing the mysterious cape over shoulder thing*

But…one little story I can tell you:

Last Thursday I had an audition of sorts with the local radio station here, namely to do the weekend announcing shift. I was pretty excited about it, even though it wasn’t exactly my dream job – while they were open to working with my comedic background, they were more looking for a pretty straight ‘back-announce the tracks/talk a bit/keep the music going’ kinda person. Anyhoo, I thought I did okay, but not fabulous – then after chatting with hubby I decided it probably wouldn’t work out anyway, given that this would then mean giving up a huge portion of every single weekend, putting pressure on the family and our ability to travel out of the area for festivals and so on. In other words, we were pretty much looking on the bright side of having stuffed up the audition.

THEN…da, da, da, da…I got a call from the station offering me the job! Dilemmas…I told them that I’d love to do it but would they be open to having me just one day a week instead of two, and/or finding someone to fill in a day every other week. He asked the big boss, but the answer was no. Understandably. They need someone who can commit to the whole thing.

BUT…then he asked if I’d be keen to develop some comedy characters who can phone into the morning session regularly, to bring a bit more humour to the show. Yee-haw! This is so up my alley, awesome experience and perfect in that I can work it in around the fam.

Now all I have to do is work on perfecting my Canadian accent. Excuse me…

‘I knoo Noo York. I need Noo YoRk. I knoo I need unique Noo YoRk.’

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