• Jenny Wynter

An Amazing Opportunity for an Up And Coming Performer!

I got this AMAZING message yesterday in response to my Kickstarter for The DIY Performer:

"I have an idea, if you're interested.

I'm looking at the "Let's Do Lunch" deal, but really have no need for it myself, because I'm not a performer these days, nor up and coming. I'm more of the "Down and going, why hasn't she gone yet?" type.

So I was thinking of offering it up to an up and coming performer in the Brisbane area, as a kind of competition.

My idea, run it for two weeks only, and anyone who thinks they could benefit from it can enter. Entry is no more than a one page write up on who they are, and why they think this could help. One page is about 300 words.

Between me, you, we both decide who is the winner, and they get the benefit.

My reason for this is that I like to support your career, and also it's a chance for someone who couldn't otherwise afford it, to get a leg up too. So everyone wins."


Man, people can be amazing.

So: here's the deal. You have until Monday 5th November to enter. Email your 300 words-is to contact (at) and we'll choose a winner by Friday 9th.

If you have already backed the project, that's fantastic! If you win you will be upgraded to this backer level, and you can decide whether you would like your existing pledge refunded or whether you would like to pay it forwards.