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500 Posts Old

Happy B’day (of sorts) to the blog!

500 posts. Gees. I feel tired just thinking about that, actually.

Well, rest assured the entire tour was completely smashing, it’s actually been rather life-changing. I’m dog-tired so will write more about that later…in the meantime, the latest column is up, if you please.

Oh, alright here’s a few photos too.

Left: this was us stuck for a couple of hours during avalanche control. Remember I told you about that? Do ya? Do ya?

Right: my comedic and driving partner-in-crime for the tour, Meistro Dan Rock.

And left: Sunpeaks, a ski village so charming it should be outlawed, hereby known as one of my favourite places on the planet. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry chocolate sauce.

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