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5 Shows You Should See at Adelaide Fringe (which just happen to star kicking-buttocks women)

So I start putting together a list of some of my “must see” shows for this year’s Fringe to share with you here, in an effort to serve a purpose that is more than just “come see me! Come see me! Come see me!”

As I set out to write it all down, I decide to cast this little spotlight of mine on some shows that I know are gonna rock socks but that you may not have heard before i.e. people not necessarily well known (yet) and/or on TV (yet). Anyway, point is, there are many more shows I AM gonna go see and love the bejinkers outta and will no doubt blog about as I see them through the Fringe.

But for now, I think, what is in order is a list of hot “underground” tips! Ooh, I love that word. It just inspires feeling of sweaty, creative grit! Or something.

Anyhoo, so I’m putting my list together and I swear this is true, as I do so it dawns on me that each show on said list is by and starring ladies.

Then I think, “awesome! I’ll write a “Top Chick Shows To See at Adelaide Fringe!” but then am disgusted by my own patronising tone the moment it enters my head. So…I forget that and just write the damn list.

So…after that long-winded intro of self-justification, here are my hot Fringe tips. Don’t go see them because they’re female. Go see them because they rock.

In no particular order…

I caught this show last year at the Cabaret Fringe, where it received beautiful reviews and sell-out crowds. Annie is a gorgeous bundle with a heck load of heartfelt songs and a velvety voice of YUM. We did the recent Cabaret Summer School together where her 10-minute show about a stalkerish bike rider wannabe was a twisted brand of funny, just the way I like it.

At last year’s Fringe I caught only an exerpt from Tessa’s comedy duo act with Kai Smythe “Sexytime” and was so sad it was only a tantalising taste: I nearly lost my shizz and wanted more, more, more! Soooooo funny and truly unique, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. Tessa is ridiculously talented, I’m sure this show will be brills.

Even looking at their poster image, I am utterly chuffed to say that the ladies that stand before you each taught or mentored me during the Cabaret Summer School. I am so going to this SHOW!!! The only issue is that apparently it’s already sold out its season (already?! YES ALREADY! That’s how in demand these ladies of lovely are!) but they are currently extending it. I know that even if I have to wear a mammogram on the night, I will squeeze myself in somehow!

Mercedes Benz: Awkwardly 

Hannah Williams knocked it out of the park at last year’s Melbourne Fringe; a 4-star review from The Age, sold out crowds and to top it all off, the Audience Choice Award! I would hop on those tix rather quickly.

Full disclosure: I knew I dug this woman moments after meeting her last year. There we were, perfect strangers sitting backstage at “Titters” (where we were both performing and will be this year also), when I mentioned I had a sore throat. Without even batting an eyelid, she raced downstairs and brought me up a cup of hot water in which to put my lemon and honey concoction. She rocks. And onstage…POW. This woman is, pardon my french, friggin hilarious. YOU MUST SEE HER!

Oh and by the way, “Come see me!”

Got a hot Fringe tip? Let me know and I will do my darndest to get there!

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