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5 Rocking Resources On Getting Stuff Done (Especially Cool If You’re Into Writing)

One massive thing I haven’t even told you about yet is that I have been working my BUTTOCKS off – all seven of them – lately on re-writing my entire book proposal. Do you remember I told you yonks and yonks ago about the book I was writing about mothers pursuing big dreams, etc? (You can read one of the interviews from it here if you’re so inclined!) Well, that’s the one I’m on about. The whole premise has had a pretty major re-work, I’m stunningly happy with how it’s heading and for once in my life, I have decided to stop trying to chip away at billions of projects at once, and rather, focus on ONE AT A TIME UNTIL IT’S DONE. Then I have permission to move on to the next.

This approach is in no small way thanks to some very cool motivational resources I’ve been checking out lately. I thought I’d share them with you too, no please, don’t thank me (oh alright, if you must, but only if it somehow involves ice-cream.)

1. Ride the Wild Donkey by Leonie Dawson. Quite Sark-ish and new-agey in its presentation, the approach to getting stuff done is one I’ve totally adopted for this project and it is WORKING. Huzzah!

2. Your Big Beautiful Book Plan by Danielle LaPorte. I have been working through this in tandem with revising my entire proposal, it’s felt like having a coach right there with me. HUGELY recommend this if you’ve got any aspirations to write a non-fiction book.

3. One Bite at a Time, an e-book by Tsh Oxenreider. I am not personally one to follow “one week at a time” kinda books/programs, however the tips themselves are really very helpful in terms of running a family household. And it’s only five bucks!

4. You Are A Writer, an e-book by Jeff Goins. LOVE this, as does my hubby (we’ve been reading it together on recent school holiday car-trips.) It’s mega-inspiring, you just want to write, write, write once you read it. He was offering it free on his website for a while, not sure if that’s continuing, but either way you should check out Jeff Goins’ site (thanks so much to Buttercupples who put me onto it in the first place) as it’s filled with cool resources for those into writing.

5. The War of Art, a book by Steven Pressfield. I’ve been meaning to read this forEVER. I finally bought a copy from Amazon, am only a third of the way through and already am so very, very pumped (and so very convinced I will have to read the entire thing again. It really is good).

Have you got any resources to this end you care to share? You know I’ll love you for it. I really think I am a productivity nerd at heart… 😉

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