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5 Quick Updates from Our World…

My daughter took this. I only just found it on our computer. Hmmm, I do need new headshots. And she will work for food...

1. I’m rehearsing my show tonight. It’s in my diary. So that means it is happening, whether or not the kids are co-operative, I shall plough through.

2. I have started RUNNING! Started. And stopped. I’m on day two. It’s crazy. My knees hurt. But…it surprises me that I can achieve more than five steps and actually have the oomph in me to continue. As I think I’ve mentioned on here before, I have to get fit to do a one-woman show. Otherwise, I shall implode. Possibly onstage. (Gasp: imagine the publicity!)

3. Speaking of the show, it’s gonna be heading to Melbourne in September for the Melbourne Fringe Festival! So so so happy about this! Melbourne is one of my favourite places on earth, filled with some of my favourite people on earth and I have not been back there since the Comedy Fest of 06. Very very cool.

4. We’ve joined our local pool, meaning that we spend many an afternoon there splashing, sliding and avoiding the gazes of people in speedos. Little Miss 8 is doing squad and loving it, Mister 7 is doing learn to swim and Mister 2 is causing general mayhem. He has no fear. He inspires me.

5. The Small Hands Big Hearts garage sale finished strong! $336.60 worth of strong!

Hope you’re having a grand day, wherever you are and whoever you’re with. xxx

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