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Jenny Wynter - Speaker, Writer, Comedian

Jenny Wynter Showreel

★★★★★ “A sparkling gem.” 

New Adelaide Theatre Guide.

“I am not exaggerating when I say that Jenny possesses a rare quality, a combination of wit, honesty, intelligence and stage presence that I do not come across too often.” 

Michael Pollock, Musical Director Second City Los Angeles.

"It was a pleasure to work with Jenny Wynter for the WSFQ Gladstone 2022 program. Jenny brought a unique perspective to the panel talk EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT COMEDY and made its science content accessible, joyful and amusing through her comedic timing and stage demeanour."
Maho Go, Producer, World Science Festival Queensland

“Taking the cake is Jenny’s improv skills, getting audience members on stage, finding out some of their personal details and improvising a song featuring them with some surprisingly good rhymes and lines; very impressive and highly entertaining. When a performer takes great enjoyment in delighting their audience, you know the show is going to be good.” 

Rip It Up Mag.

“…a whirlwind performance that Wynter masters with absorbing charisma. She is an entrancing presence.” 

Theatre is Easy, NYC

Jenny Wynter’s continuous quick wit was able to transform abstract themes and suggestions adroitly into a discernable and hilarious narrative.” 

Theatre Press


Jenny absolutely nails her latest show in a satin draped display of raw, fabulous singing, silly monologues and general awesomeness. An enviously quick mind, amazing, raw voice, fabulous humour and warm, wonderful talent.”
We Know Melbourne 

Jenny Wynter oozes talent, and The Unexpected Variety Show is a passionate piece… I know I could see her over and over again.”

Adelaide ArtBeat

“…a rollicking night. Wynter rises to the challenge with a twinkle in her eye and a gift for the absurd.” Stage Noise.

"The crowd couldn’t get enough of Brisbane-based comedian Jenny Wynter’s tremendous tour de force… She burst onto the stage, completely owned her songs and ran with them. We went on a whirlwind ride on the Jenny Express and boy, what fun that was!"
Lena Nobuhara, Cabaret Confessional

★★★★★ "Jenny Wynter is pure joy. My face hurts."


“…a very funny, talented lady. I hope Brisbane realises what a treasure it has.”

Steve Kaplan, USA Comedy Coach (has represented Jack Black, Nia Varadalos and more).


Wynter is a smart and well-versed performer with a likeability that can’t be taught… Jenny Wynter is, quite simply, wonderful.” 

Fringe Benefits.


"Despite there being an array of talent that had audiences laughing and toe-tapping to all extremes, the night belonged to songbird and improvisation queen, Jenny Wynter. She presented her cabaret invention that was completely made up on the spot – as per audience input. With the simple draw of a card from a basket, Jenny created a rhythmical story that had the crowd crying in hysterics. Definitely an act that cannot be missed. "

Scenestr Mag

‘The Unexpected Variety Show” of Jenny Wynter was amazing. Cabaret is normally not my kind of thing, but Jenny amazed with her wide ranging voice and remarkable impersonations. I thought I had become a bit used to the element of surprise at this early part of Woodford, but this was bringing it to another level.
The AU Review


“There was an uproar of tears of laughter from the crowd as they were entertained by Brisbane comedian, Jenny Wynter... She was absolutely hilarious, quite the genius using ‘off the cuff’ improvisation, musical and conversation…” 

Paradise FM

“…put The Unexpected Variety Show at the top of your must-see list…this sharing of self—nothing less than a life-story writ large on the stage—elevates The Unexpected Variety Show beyond simple comic entertainment and into the realm of the truly unforgettable, eliciting wildly enthusiastic responses from every kind of audience. With generosity, courage and skill, Jenny Wynter tells a tale which transports us beyond the laughs—and there are plenty—to the place within us where laughter itself originates; a place where delight and anguish are more closely-entwined than we usually realise. Here, with Jenny, we find causes both for consolation and for celebration, and return to the unexpected variety shows of our own lives feeling lighter of heart and less alone.” 

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Jenny Wynter performs at the Brisbane Comedy Festival
Jenny Wynter performs at the Woodford Folk Festival
Jenny Wynter performs at the Brisbane Festival
Jenny Wynter performs at the Melbourne Fringe
Jenny Wynter performs at the WOW Australia Festival
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