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Jenny Wynter - By Request

A One Woman Improvised Cabaret

“Jenny Wynter By Request” is an improvised cabaret comedy show which is driven entirely by suggestion sheets filled out by the audience prior to the show, including entries such as “words of wisdom”, “the last text message you received”, “a place or location”.


These suggestions are then woven into a series of stories and songs, monologues and medleys with the underlying theme of the show emerging as they are combined.

"Jenny Wynter’s continuous quick wit was able to transform abstract themes and suggestions adroitly into a discernable and hilarious narrative."

- Theatre Press

Jenny Wynter


Jenny Wynter is a Brisbane-based writer, cabaret performer and comedian with over a decade of experience.


Her work is characterised by her improvisational and musical stylings and combinations of both, with her trademark being comedy songs made up on the spot with audience input. She trained in improvised comedy in North America, including with Ashley England, Second City, Loose Moose Theatre (Canada), Gary Austin, Artistic New Directions, Michael Pollock, Daena Giardella, Jason Kravits and North Coast Hip-Hop. Jenny Wynter has performed in festivals and shows everywhere from Adelaide, Brisbane and Calgary, to Woodford, off-Broadway New York, and Brisbane’s 4ZZZ Radio.


In 2019 she was the MC for Brisbane’s iconic “Women in Voice” cabaret, returning as a main performer in 2021.


Angeline Wynter

Musical Director

Angeline is a graduate of the QUT Music Performance program and an accomplished singer/songwriter in her own right.


She and Jenny have performed together informally since childhood, but in their adult lives as co-members of 40’s-inspired group acapella group Betty and the Betties - as well as Angeline providing backing vocals, keys and comedic antics for many of Jenny’s shows including Jenny Wynter’s Wonderland, Fully Made Up: An Improvised Cabaret and most recently in a special live-streamed show for Woodford Folk Festival.

“[Jenny Wynter has] an enviously quick mind, amazing, raw voice, fabulous humour and warm, wonderful talent.”

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Jenny Wynter - By Request

A One Woman Improvised Cabaret

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